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Our projects are located in the Mediterranean region in which you have about 300 sunny days a year, the historic treasures from prehistoric, Hellenistic, Roman and Ottoman periods.Here you can enjoy pure nature.

We believe, and we guarantee you that ,this area is the best area to invest and to live for you.

We belive that,to understand the opportunity ,you should see the area and our projects with your own eyes and experience them. Therefore, we organize for several years, a tour for people ,who are interrested in our projects, depending on the possibility of 4 days or 1 week. If you wish you can stay in a 5 star hotel or in one of our apartments.

OFFER FOR € 149.-

If you book this tour, it will cost only € 149.- per person. The first day we will spend together to see projects. The second day we use for an orientation tour, show you the environment and explain why people should invest in this region. On the remaining days you can enjoy your time like on vacation. At the end of this tour if you can not decide to buy something, we thank you for your interest. But if you decide to purchase, then this tour will be included in purchase price.

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